Anonymous - 2011-05-21

I am trying to compile an executable however, I am getting the following error within the log:
Compiling resources
C:\Program Files\Launch4j\bin\windres.exe: C:\DOCUME~1\Jon\LOCALS~1\Temp\launch4j279351057615730679rc:10: syntax error
Line 10 has errors…
101 RCDATA BEGIN "Please review the following book for further information:
net.sf.launch4j.ExecException: Exec failed: C:\Program Files\Launch4j\bin\windres.exe -preprocessor=type -J rc -O coff -F pe-i386 C:\DOCUME~1\Jon\LOCALS~1\Temp\launch4j279351057615730679rc C:\DOCUME~1\Jon\LOCALS~1\Temp\launch4j5882968406843185563o

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Running command line compilation is successful.
java FileChooserTest