David Searles - 2009-01-05

I have a Java application using L4J running on many Windows systems both XP and Vista. Today, a new user reports being unable to run the program after upgrading from XP to Vista 64-bit (clean Vista install then ran Vista program mover ?). The error is:

Unable to execute file C:\Program Files(x86)\xxx.exe CreateProcess Failed; code 740.
The Requested operation requires elevation.

Apparently, the application starts but fails when it tries to do anything. I do make use of java.lang.ProcessBuilder to run external programs.

My questions:

1. Why does this fail on this particular Vista machine but not on others?
2. Can I resolve this using a Vista manifest file?
3. If so, where is the documentation on how to create and use a Vista manifest with L4J?

Many thanks in advance!