star fish - 2012-06-26


I am just testing waters with Launch4J. I use linux as development environment. I would like to produce an .exe file for windows platform. I would like to drive the build/release process via ant script, not GUI if possible. Here is the problem I am getting.

I created an ant file target to do job. It produces output exe without any problem. When I fire it, it says exe requires Java 1.6 (or whatever minVersion I provided in my script). However it fails to locate installed JRE and JDK on my machine (JDK is in my environment PATH and JAVA_HOME is defined).

I couldn't figure out why it couldn't locate it through ant script. So, I created a configuration file using launch4j GUI. Within the GUI, I generated wrappers and tested it. It actually fired my application.

However I was puzzled to see that output exe still fails to locate the installed JRE/JDK when I fire it from command line using the configuration file I have just created.

I am sure I am missing something simple and very basic, and this question may look very dumb for seasoned launch4j users. But I would appreciate if you share your wisdom with me.

More about environment I user:
Ubuntu x86 32 bit.
Not providing bundled JRE, instead I am rely on existence of JRE on client side.
Here is my config file.