Vista Code Signing

  • Matt

    Matt - 2007-05-07

    Anyone know much about Vista code signing?

    I've been using Launch4J for some time now, and I am very happy with it (as per my previous posts).

    However I now have two issues/problems:

    (1) I use inno setup to perform the installation.  At present I don't have a certificate so XP S2 and Vista complain if you use IE to download and then run the installation.  This has nothing to do with Launch4J and I can fix with a certificate (I just have to sign my downloadable file)

    (2) I use launch4j to create an .exe (with the JAR wrapped inside it).  However I am receiving complaints from Vista users that after they have installed the software, every time they run the launch4j .exe a Vista warning message pops up telling them that an unauthorized program is trying to access their machine.

    Is this something to do with launch4j?  I know of other coders that have .NET or VB apps that also complain at installation time, but then no complaints each time they run it.

    Has anyone successfully run a launch4j app on Vista without it complaining (signed or unsigned)?  Any help/info/forums to read/etc appreciated.


    • Matt

      Matt - 2007-05-11

      Some Extra Info.  I am including a JRE in my deployment, and making sure Launch4J uses it.  I wonder if it is the java .dll s that are causing the problem?  Does anyone sign all the .dlls and .exes in the JRE they supply with the download?


    • Matt

      Matt - 2007-05-26

      I've investigated a little further, and we also have our certificate now.

      It is not possible to wrap an .jar in an .exe and digitally sign it. 

      That means, anyone out there using Launch4j where you wrap your .jar in an .exe will need to go back to using the .exe to call the .jar if you intend to sign your application.

      And under vista it is recommended to sign all .exe and .dll file deployed with the app.

      • Grzegorz Kowal

        Grzegorz Kowal - 2007-05-31

        Thanks for the info Matt, this probably won't work because the jar is not a resource of the executable file and it can't be in order to work as it does now.



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