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LAU release

finaly at request i fixed file parsin for gracia final and epilogue, you need to select gracia final in lau option tho' .
since i'm no longer playing L2 i have tested only passive abilities of lau (eg. patching, material calculator and file editor), not sniffer, inventory import nor option configurator (so if they are broken, don't ask me for fix).

Posted by Josef J. Micka 2009-12-20

sniffer fix

there has been minor issue with sniffer queue reset, which was carried over many versions, though i noticed it just now ;o)

Posted by Josef J. Micka 2009-03-13

Lineage utils 1.6.8/1.6.9 update

with new "release" of L2 client a newer version of LAU is here

whats new
zoomhack moved to "left mouse button"
gracia part 2 inventory import fix
removed support for pre Chaotic Throne 1 Lineage 2 clients

Posted by Josef J. Micka 2008-10-29

LineAge Utils 1.6.8 released

Well, with ncsoft NA switching to gracia, i've also released LAU with gracia support. LAU still supports elder chronicles. there were some changes in gracia client datafiles, so be sure to switch chronicle to gracia, if you have previously installed lau. new installations are automaticaly set to gracia. even after testing, there might be bugs, so feel free to report them on using tracker or forum.

Posted by Josef J. Micka 2008-08-12

Windows Vista sniffer device selection fix

for 1.6.6 i have added only the fix for device selection, no new features from 1.6.7 has been added.

for 1.6.7 i have added the fix, for other changes, check the changelog.

Posted by Josef J. Micka 2008-07-25

Gracia test support

Lineage utils beta (eg. test release) is now supporting gracia. still need some testings, so will remain in beta for next few days (or weeks).

Posted by Josef J. Micka 2008-07-18

Bug in installer

cause of bug in installer, on some systems LAU is not installed correctly, so i have removed download, until i fix this.

update: after reinstalling inno setup util, it seems, that inno generates correct installer packed, so i have put download onsite again.

those, who have downloaded installer before todays update should download it again.

Posted by Josef J. Micka 2008-05-14

LineAge Utils 1.6.6 released

after some weeks of testing, latest beta is pronounced as stable. there are few new functions (like system patch) and changes (chronicle selection is now in configuration), but mostly there are fixes (party adena gain, xp gain for kamael - still missing xp table for levels above 80, so this is currently not working well for this level)

Posted by Josef J. Micka 2008-05-12

LineAge Utils 1.6.4 released

from now, LineAge Utils 1.6. support all features you know from 1.5 up to LineAge 2 CT 1 aka Kamael (including warehouse import and character info in sniffer).

Posted by Josef J. Micka 2008-03-21

WinPCap Installer

I had release new version, with small fix to sniffer (i winpcap is not installed, sniffer is disabled, and detection will no longer block tool from running). Also, with approval of devel team, i have included WinPCap installator in new release. As of sniffer, there are still problems with kamael, cause of new protocol, but working on it.

Posted by Josef J. Micka 2008-03-18

LineAge Utils Beta Test

new area has been defined, where i put packages for testing, prior to make final release.
for experienced users only, to provide feedback to me.

Posted by Josef J. Micka 2008-02-28

LineAge Utils 1.6 released

LineAge Utils project has coming back to live. New version with support for Interlude and Kamael has been just released.

Posted by Josef J. Micka 2008-02-25

LineAge Utils build 1.5.2488.33316 released

* added feature to select recipe for items with multiple recipes available in material calculator
* fixed some minor bugs

Posted by LM 2006-10-24

LineAge Utils build 1.5.2478.25810 released

* imported new data of mobs aggro/lvl (I hope that will be more correct)
* sniffer code rewritten to WinPCap library usage - now should be more stable (though I have no time to test it well)

Posted by LM 2006-10-14

LineAge Utils build 1.5.2465.23682 released

* fixed bugs with loading list in "Colored messages" and "Aggro mod" tabs
* added feature to save not only id-color list as scheme in "Colored messages" tab, but also id-message/group/sound/c3attr also
* imported correct information about mobs from L2WH latest DB (info about L2WH as data source added to program description)
* add some more new variables to mark mobs in "Aggro mob" section
* fixed some minor bugs with sniffer (though there r still some hard to reproduce bugs present)
* some other minor imporvements and bug fixes (dont' remember all)

Posted by LM 2006-10-01