#27 Graphicsmagick support for latex2png


I have been had troubles with figures from latex2png.

If I use the default Imagemagick script to convert a LaTeX file into RTF, and Microsoft Word to convert the RTF to DOC, then the equations converted to figures are shown as black squares in old Word versions (XP). I can't even see them in Google Docs. But, if I change ImageMagick to Graphicsmagick, everything works fine. However the latex2png script uses options that is not handled by Graphicsmagick (e.g., -slice, +repage, etc.). Thus I created another latex2png version that can handle LaTeX to PNG conversion using Graphicsmagick package.

I'm not sure if it is working correctly for all situations, although I have converted a paper with 40 equations without any issue.

Any comments are welcome!

Ronan Arraes Jardim Chagas


  • Ronan Arraes Jardim Chagas

    latex2png script with Graphicsmagick support

  • Wilfried Hennings

    Thanks for pointing this out. As we won't switch to GraphicsMagick, I (hopefully) fixed the issue by adding a parameter to the call of "convert". Please test (version 2.3.0 released today).

  • Wilfried Hennings

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    • Group: --> Unstable_(example)


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