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Version 3.06 of beamer, version 1.00 of pgf/TikZ

Version 3.06 of beamer is available. This version is the first to use the new stable version 1.00 of pgf. This combination is hopefully quite stable and should not produce any (or at least too many) unexpected behaviour as compared to previous versions.

In beamer there have been only very small changes; mostly, the new pgf/TikZ version is totally new.

Posted by Till Tantau 2005-10-23

version 0.99 of pgf available

Version 0.99 of pgf is available. This version will be the last before the stable release 1.00 of pgf/TikZ.

Posted by Till Tantau 2005-10-19

New version of pgf available

There is a new version of pgf (version 0.97) available for the pgf project. Go to to get it. While this version is still a beta version, it is already very close to the forthcoming version 1.00 of pgf.

If you have been using pgf <= 0.65, you really should have a look at pgf 0.97. It's quite a difference...

Posted by Till Tantau 2005-09-08

PGF development moved to new project

The development of pgf has moved to a new sourceforge project called "pgf". All further development of pgf will be done there. However, the last release of pgf needed for the most recent beamer version will also be put on the beamer page.

Posted by Till Tantau 2005-06-29

Alpha release 0.95 of new PGF system

The PGF system has been almost entirely rewritten, resulting in a much more powerful system than what we had in version 0.65. Most importantly, there is now a special frontend layer that introduces a simple, powerful syntax.

The new version works well enough and should be completely compatible with the old one. However, since there may still be syntax changes with the new frontend and since this version is not yet very well tested, this is an alpha release only. So, feel free to try it, but if you need a stable system, wait for version 1.00 of pgf.... read more

Posted by Till Tantau 2005-06-12

The Latex Beamer Class Version 3.00 is out

The beamer class is a LaTeX class for creating presentations using a video projector. It offers incremental display, prearranged themes, automatic table of contents, navigation bars, bibliographies, and other features. Can be used with pdflatex and LyX. Version 3.00 is out, the next major update of beamer. Most importantly, this new version comes with a very much improved theming mechanism. You can now change every aspect of your presentation easily and independently of everything else.... read more

Posted by Till Tantau 2004-10-11

Version 2.99: pretest for next major release

Finally, version 3.00 is just around the corner. Version 2.99 has everything the final version 3.00 will have, but I hope that users will find at least some of the bugs before version 3.00 is published.

So, if you a bit advanturous, download version 2.99 of beamer and version 0.63 of pgf (and, if you have not done already, xcolor 2.00). Your old presentations should compile fine. If they don't and you did not do anything wicked, please tell me. ... read more

Posted by Till Tantau 2004-09-23

Version 2.20: compatibility with xcolor 2.00

Version 2.20 of beamer and pgf version 0.62 now work together with xcolor 2.00. If you need/want to use xcolor 2.00, you'll have to update. Otherwise, you can just as well wait for the next "real" version of beamer.

Posted by Till Tantau 2004-07-06

Version 2.20: movies, sounds, broken frames

This new version includes a package for including sounds and movies in a beamer presentation. The package also works stand-alone and can be used with any other latex class (like article or prosper). Other new features are the option to automatically break a frame into several frames, to automatically shrink a frame to fit the available area, to add special zoom areas and some other new stuff.

Also, this version fixes a bug that has caused PostScript text to disappear from slides.

Posted by Till Tantau 2004-04-20

Version 2.11: Compatibility with xcolor 1.10

The new version 2.11 restores compatibility with xcolor 1.10. To use it, you must update to beamer 2.11, pgf 0.61, and xcolor 1.10. It also contains some bugfixes.

Posted by Till Tantau 2004-04-08

Version 2.10: amsthm, prosper and seminar support

Version 2.10 now uses amsthm to create theorems and proofs, which allows easier intregration with the article mode. Two (small) emulation layers make porting Prosper and Seminar presentations easier.

Posted by Till Tantau 2004-03-11

Version 2.01 is out: bugfixes

The new version 2.01 fixes several small bugs in version 2.00. Otherwise it's the same, so please read the release notes for version 2.00 when installing this version.

Posted by Till Tantau 2004-02-25

Version 2.00 is out

This version is a big jump forward. It has several useful new features, but it will not always be compatible with the old stuff (although it tries). Hilights are the new article mode, which is *much* more useful than the old one; the \AtBeginSection commands (simple, but useful); the changed \pause command, which trancedes environments; the new notes management, which creates useful previews in notes; and much more stuff.

Posted by Till Tantau 2004-02-19

Version 1.20 is out

Version 1.20 includes numerous smaller and bigger changes of the beamer class. Please have a look at the ChangeLog. Update if, for example. you want to use T1 encodings, use \uncover inside tables and equation arrows, automatically change the color of the item icons inside beamerboxes.

Posted by Till Tantau 2004-01-18

Out for the holidays

I'll be out for the holidays and won't be responding to emails etc. till mid January 2004 or so. If you have a problem with the beamer class in the meantime, try posting it in one of the discussion forums. Perhaps some other user might help you.

Wishing everyone a nice holiday season, Till

Posted by Till Tantau 2003-12-17

Version 1.10: LyX Interface

This new version of beamer now features a first attempt at a LyX interface. Be warned, that the documentation is still sketchy.

Posted by Till Tantau 2003-12-12

Version 1.03 is out: new shadow theme

This new version includes a new theme called "shadow".

Posted by Till Tantau 2003-11-21

Version 1.00 is out

This version is the first version that does, in my opinion, contain everything needed to create a nice-looking presentation.

Have a look!

Posted by Till Tantau 2003-11-13

Version 0.93 is out: Better navigation

Versrion 0.93 now offers a sophisticated way of navigating around your presentation. Also, commands have been added that make it easy to have a presentation and an original article reside in the same file. Finally, the user's guide has been reformatted is much more readable now.

Posted by Till Tantau 2003-11-08

Version 0.92 is out

This version comes with numerous improvements:

New color management, transparent covering, figure and table environments, cute animation stuff, a \pause command, and more.

To use this version, you also need version 0.34 of pgf, which in turn needs version 1.03 of xcolor (developed by Uwe Kern).

Posted by Till Tantau 2003-10-30

pgf package is now also available on SourceForge

I have decided to provide the latest version of pgf also on the beamer SourceForge site, as a convenience for users of the beamer class. The development of the pgf package is currently not done on SourceForge.

Posted by Till Tantau 2003-10-23

Version 0.90 out: New themes, new options

Version 0.90 of the beamer class is now available in the download section.

I have added several new themes, which I think might be quite uesful. Also, this version allows an easy creation of sidebars.

Posted by Till Tantau 2003-10-23


Hello everyone! The beamer class development has now moved to SourceForge.

Posted by Till Tantau 2003-10-15

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