#74 Support labelgroups / tags

tag (1) label (1)

Following the discussion initiated on TeX StackExchange, I would like to somehow automate the generation of the presentation by controlling the frame I wish to include. It seems to be possible statically with the <handout:0|beamer:0> parameters upon frame definition. Also, as suggested by Werner, a label can be added to frame such that later on, this frame is included is the label is listed using \includeonlyframes.


The drawback of the last approach is that there is no way to group the labels i.e to mimic the notion of tags: if several frame receive the label ConceptX, only the last one will be included.
It would be good thus to associate to each frame the notion of labelgroup or tags, and to have a macro to list the tag we wish to include for the presentation.
Then, upon existence, each frame would receive as tag at least the label of the closest [sub]section, and additional tag can be added to the frame, for instance with:



Then the above defined frame would be considered in the following situations:

% OR
% OR
% OR
% etc.

Would that make sense to you .?


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