Uncentreing figures + side captions?

  • tehanu_condor

    tehanu_condor - 2006-10-11


    I am a newbie to using beamer (previous experience only with powerpoint).  So far I really like it.  However there are some things I would like to do that I can't seem to find any options for. 

    First, I would really love it if I could not have the figures centred.  For example, In one case I divided the slide into two columns and put a figure in each column and a caption underneath.  Beamer automatically puts the figure centred in the column so there was little room for the caption which is a bit annoying when there is massive white space above the figure.  I have put:




    but the figures don't seem to want to move away from the centre at all.

    Secondly,  is there a way to put a caption to the side of the figure?  I tried using the package sidecap but when it gets to \begin{SCfigure} pdflatex freezes.  It doesn't produce any of the normal error messages such as it doesn't recognize the command, it just freezes. 

    Lastly, is there a way to change the caption font size?

    Thanks very much for your help! 

  • Gert Nuyts

    Gert Nuyts - 2011-04-18

    Have you figured out what the problem was with \begin{SCfigure} ? because I seem to have the same problem.


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