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LaserCalc 0.6 released

After a long time I found the time to release a new version of LaserCalc. The new release contains several improvements of the file handling as well as a better import / export system. Furthermore a new module "Lens Designer" has been added.

Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2013-03-04

LaserCalc 0.4 released

A new version of LaserCalc is available. Most important changes are a new plot system and the possiibility to save and load your work. Besided that many bugs have fixed. This is the first release which comes with an installer for Windows and an Ubuntu package.

Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2010-02-13

LaserCalc 0.3 released

I am proud to announce LaserCalc 0.3 which comes with many updates and improvements: new Editor, Resonator Stability analysis, Data Variation Analysis and of course many many bugfixes.

Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2009-06-18

LaserCalc 0.2beta released

I am proud to releases the new beta version of LaserCalc. The most important change is a new significantly improved optimization algorithm in the ModeMatcher module. Furthermore many many bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2009-03-16

LaserCalc 0.2alpha2 released

This new alpha version comes with a new GUI concept which allows a much more flexible way of working. In addition further parameters of paths and cavities are calculated. Please report bugs to

Udo Eisenbarth

Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2009-02-09

LaserCalc-0.2alpha released

I am happy to announce the test (alpha) release of LaserCalc 0.2. If you want to use the program
seriously I would recommend the version 0.1stable. Major parts of the app have been completely rewritten due to a change of the GUI toolkit. LaserCalc is now based on wxWidgets. I decided to switch to this toolkit in order to increase portability.
I managed to (cross-)compile LaserCalc for Windows and released a binary package. The executable sometimes shows some wierd numbers in
the progress dialog. I hope I can fix this soon.
Feel free to test this version I give me some feedback.
Udo Eisenbarth

Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2009-01-10

LaserCalc: 0.1 (stable) released

LaserCalc is an Open Source Gnome application for the calculation of optical beam paths and laser resonators based on Gaussian beam matrix optics. In addition beam paths can be optimized to match given beam parameters (mode matching).

With a huge delay the first stable release of LaserCalc is out. There are only minor changes in the code but I have added a documentation.
The work on version 0.2 is on the way.... read more

Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2008-10-27

LaserCalc 0.1beta releases

This is the announcement of LaserCalc 0.1beta. This version is mainly a bugfix release. The former versions had issues with the build system and caused segfaults from time to time.
This version is meant for public testing. Please report any issues and feature requests.
Udo Eisenbarth

Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2008-09-07

LaserCalc 0.1alpha released

This release is meant for public testing. Please report any bugs or feature requests in the tracker or forum of sourceforge.


Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2008-08-23

LaserCalc 0.1 prealpha released!

The very first preview release is available in the download section. Feel free to test it and give me feedback.
Udo Eisenbarth

Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2008-08-11

Property browser integrated

The property browser/editor is now (partly) implemented. It took me quite a while and I learned a lot about using the GTKmm toolkit. With this component it is now possible to setup an optic path which makes the program partly usable. The next step is the integration of an optical resonator which calculates its fundamental eigenmode.

Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2008-08-03

Working on property browser

Currently I am working on a property browser in a separate test project. It turned out to be more elaborate that I thought. Furthermore I am a newbee with respect to gtkmm. Once the work is finished it will be integrated in this project.

Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2008-07-25

Steadily growing

The project is steadily growing but slowly. The reason for that is that I have little experience with GTK gui programming. However I added the possibility to view the beam size along the displayed path.

Posted by Udo Eisenbarth 2008-07-13

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