2012/5/22 Marcin Miłkowski <list-address@wp.pl>
However, it's not possible, as far as I remember, to refer to another
token's POS tag and inflect some other token based on it (which would
involve recursive inclusion of match inside match). It seems pretty much
straightforward to implement but I didn't know of any use cases.


Thank you, Marcin. Yes, I'd like to be able to do something like this:

<match no="1" postag="(verb.*):(im)?perf" postag_replace="$1:perf"><match no="2"/></match>

This is my case: I have some rules for checking number concordance and some other rules for checking gender concordance (between determiner and noun, adjective and noun, etc.). If there are simultaneous errors in both number and gender  concordance, then the suggestion will be incorrect, unless we take into account the POS tags of the two involved tokens. 

But, upon further reflection, I think even this recursive solution will not always provide the expected suggestions for every case. So I'm just going to write more independent rules in order to properly cover most cases... 

Jaume Ortolà