#143 Better cooperation with LightProof extension

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Currently our users need to manually disable LightProof after installing LT in LibreOffice, which is a bad user experience: they first need to know what to do, then find the option, and then see if everything works now. What could we do to improve that?

-automatically disable LightProof when LT gets installed? Requires using the API to modify XML configuration. This didn't work well when I last tried.

-change LP to optionally use LT internally, if it is installed

-change LO so it can use several checkers at the same time. Conflicts will need to be resolved, i.e. there would need to be an order if both grammar checkers complain about the same text. What to do with partially overlapping errors?

Any suggestions and opinions are welcome.


  • William Colen

    William Colen - 2012-10-19

    I like the last option. The first looks intrusive. The second looks harder. The last is more general.
    Changing LO is better because there are other grammar checker that suffers from the same issue, like ATD and Cogroo.

  • William Colen

    William Colen - 2012-10-19

    Also, the last option makes sense. The LO configuration UI has a checkbox where you can select multiple proofreaders for the same language. Also it allow to order the grammar checkers, so it makes perfect sense to have all working and resolver overlapping according to the precedence specified by user in LO config.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The place where only the first grammar checker is used and all others are ignored is GetConfiguredGCSvcs_Impl() in linguistic/source/gciterator.cxx

  • Daniel Naber

    Daniel Naber - 2014-09-23
    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
    • Group: --> development version

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