#102 Overlap in rules results in wrong replacement

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The German sentence
Die falle schnappte zu.
triggers two different rules. One of the rules should only mark 'falle', the other one 'falle schnappte'. Actually 'falle schnappte' is underlined. Now the suggestion 'Falle' from rule 1 is applied to the marked sequence 'falle schnappte' from rule 2, resulting in an undesired deletion of the word 'schnappte'. This behavior is very confusing.


  • Jan Schreiber

    Jan Schreiber - 2012-05-05
    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Daniel Naber

    Daniel Naber - 2012-05-06

    If two rules match, we create two error markups which might overlap. LibreOffice cannot properly handle that. There are two ways to cope with that:

    1. submit a bug report at LO with the example in this bug report. Set László Németh on Cc (author of LightProof), as he is probably also interested in fixing this.

    2. Work around the problem in LT by not creating duplicate markups (i.e. filter matches). Provide a special version of LT that still shows the problem for the LO developers so they can debug the issue. Jan, would you like to submit a bug report at LO?

  • Jan Schreiber

    Jan Schreiber - 2012-05-06

    In my opinion, this isn't so much of a problem as long as we make sure that on our side error markup and suggestion belong to the same rule. The overlap in itself is not the problem in the above example, but rather the fact that the markup is taken from one rule and the suggestion (replacement) from another. Wouldn't it be possible to fix that part and leave the rest as is?

  • Daniel Naber

    Daniel Naber - 2012-05-07

    It's an error in LibreOffice. We create two errors with different suggestions, differtent error messages and different lengths. Only the start positions are the same and that seems to confuse LO.

  • Daniel Naber

    Daniel Naber - 2012-05-15
    • assigned_to: milek_pl --> nobody
  • Daniel Naber

    Daniel Naber - 2012-05-15

    Fix committed at LibreOffice, to be included in LibreOffice 3.6.0.

  • Jan Schreiber

    Jan Schreiber - 2012-05-16

    That's good news, Daniel, thanks! Should we marked this as resolved then?

  • Daniel Naber

    Daniel Naber - 2012-05-16
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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