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Version 1.0beta3 release at Google Code

Posted by Old Foot 2009-02-19

We have moved

Because of the slowness of SF over the past year development has been frustrating. Here's our new home: http://code.google.com/p/genusproject/

Posted by Old Foot 2009-02-19

0.4 Released at last

hello everyone, we've done a complete rewrite which we hope you'll like. it takes about 10 minutes to configure, but we feel it's worth it.

Posted by Old Foot 2007-05-14

0.3a released

This fixes the broken release from yesterday. Apologies to all.

Posted by Old Foot 2005-06-08

Version 0.3 - broken

Please note that for version 0.3 the installation file is broken so do not install it. Certain features were not correctly assembled. This will be fixed by today 8 June.

Posted by Old Foot 2005-06-08

Version 0.3

Released version 0.3 which includes:
Email support (SMTP) - PHP not fully tested.
Includes public holidays
Includes half day calculations
New user menu (Just for fun)
New general fields - administrator and others

Hope there are no other issues...this is a beta release as displayed. Please report bugs here.

Posted by Old Foot 2005-06-07

Account to login to the demo site

Username: Demo
Password: Demo

You'll be logged in as a normal user. You can also use system / system for the administration section. However if someone changes the password for either you wont be able to get in. Drop us a line and we'll fix it.

Posted by Old Foot 2005-03-09

Demo Site (0.1.7)

We've got the demo site up and running, albeit a bit rough. Version 0.1.7 is being demo'd. When it's stable we'll release it.

Posted by Old Foot 2005-03-09

Release 0.1.5

I've released 1.1.5 - primarly a bug fix as well as some nice new icons. To upgrade just overwrite the files, no database changes made!

Posted by Old Foot 2005-01-18

Release 0.1.2

Adds a new feature whereby you no longer need to type the setup URL. If no previous setup was run, the system taked you through the setup process automatically.

Posted by Old Foot 2004-11-19

Release 0.1.1

Dear All,
We have released our first version of LAMS - the online leave application management system. Please be kind. If there are problems we'll fix them pronto. Please see the docs folder for some valuable info.

We have tested the version extensively on Windows (Appserv) and on Redhat 9.0 using Apache.

One thing we forgot to mention in the release notes was that this version currently only runs on MySQL 4.1 - by version 1.0 we will ensure backwards compatibility.

Posted by Old Foot 2004-11-18


We are still testing and familiarising ourselves with SourceForge, so do not download anything from CVS untill we release a beta version. Thanks!

Posted by Old Foot 2004-08-19

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