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Progress Report Nr 1

Doesn’t time fly?

It seems like only Yesterday since I last updated the project with something useful. In any case, I have been quit busy the last couple of months. Not only on LAMPAS, but at work as well. This is a source of frustration sometimes as I am neglecting the stuff that’s close to my heart.
In any case, I have had the opportunity to experiment a lot. I know I have not released much code, and I do apologize for that. I have come to a conclusion that my original idea was flawed which made implementation on a low level very difficult. I have since change the whole approach, and as soon as I have a “working” solution I promise to submit some code.

In the mean time you can have a look at the ( script I uploaded. I have also added some ( simple documentation. This script was a result of experimentation on what the LAMPAS environment will do when the DB was under load. I have created some interesting scenarios and also managed to crash one of my test slave servers which provided handy exercise time in database recovery.

You are of course free to use the script. Please note that the script does not come with any warranties, and I will not recommend using it in production environments (referring to my DB crash).

Have fun and until the next progress report – happy coding.

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2006-03-04

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