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Release 0.007

I am happy with the progress, as I only work about two to three hours per day on this project. This is the last release for the rest of this week. I doubt if I will have anything new in the next 7 days, as I am going away on holiday for a couple of days.

In this release I have created a place holder logon page. If the user requests a resource that does not exists, a redirect to the logon page is sent. I am hapy with the current progress, but it would have been nice to have an actual logon working by now. Well - I am almost there.... read more

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2006-07-26

Release 0.006

This release adds the beginnings of the LAMPAS authentication and authorization code. Next up will be the logon, logout and session management code.

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2006-07-26

Release 0.005

By now I think most SF mirrors should have lampas-0.005.

This is the first release to work partly from the DB back-end.

The focus from here on will be to develop the LAMPAS management interface, which will be web based.

I am also going to remove some older redundant documentation, as well as updating the home page.

This has been a very interesting learning experience so far, and I really see a great oppertunity for mod_perl based applications. It would be nice if LAMPAS could eventually become as popular as JBoss and similar application servers. This would not be as easy if it wasn't for great Open Source projects like Linux and Apache.... read more

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2006-07-24

Progress report

The 0.005 release is coming along slowly but surely. Over the last couple of months I have experimented and played a lot.

In the next release, I will include the beginnings of the database backend that will manage the whole of LAMPAS. Hopefully I will at the same time have a very basic "compiler" ready. The aim of the compiler will be to build the mod_perl modules and deploy them on the various nodes.... read more

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2006-07-21

General Status Update

Yes - I know. It has been very quit.

I have restarted about 4 times from scratch and I promise to have something usable still this year :)

I will start to post more updates soon.

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2006-07-19

Documentation Updated

I have updated the Apache and mod_perl build documentation, which now includes Apache 2.2.2 build instructions.

I have also added SSL as part of the build, but have not yet added the SSL configuration bits.

The latest update is available at

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2006-07-19

Progress Report Nr 1

Doesn’t time fly?

It seems like only Yesterday since I last updated the project with something useful. In any case, I have been quit busy the last couple of months. Not only on LAMPAS, but at work as well. This is a source of frustration sometimes as I am neglecting the stuff that’s close to my heart.
In any case, I have had the opportunity to experiment a lot. I know I have not released much code, and I do apologize for that. I have come to a conclusion that my original idea was flawed which made implementation on a low level very difficult. I have since change the whole approach, and as soon as I have a “working” solution I promise to submit some code.... read more

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2006-03-04

Custom Apache and mod_perl build document added

You will notice that I have added notes on custom building of Apache 2 and mod_perl 2 under the documentation heading above.

From here on I will develop and test LAMPAS based on this build. It seems to fix the other issues I got when using the distro supplied packages.

I will close the open bugs if all seems to be ok.

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2005-12-30

Some bugs starting to pop up

I have so far detected a couple of bugs - all to do with the mod_perl configuration under Mandriva 2005 LE.

What I have found is that under Mandriva it seems the mod_perl (version 2) stuff doesn't work properly. I am currently installing Debian Sarge, and will test the release under Debian as well.

It seems to be much more work then I originally anticipated...

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2005-12-26

The fourth test release is out

It was a while since I last has a change to work on this project. i am currently strugling to get mod_perl v2 going with all my documentation regarding mod_perl still based on v1.

To make things worst, the samples for the mod_perl v2 official documentation does not work out of the box on Mandriva 2005 LE. Well- the good thing about this is that I now get to spend more time on the nity gritty stuff while figuring out how everything works.... read more

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2005-12-24

Test 3 released

I have completed the basic compiler functions, and it now also loads the actual source code. There is also a test script to test the actual implimentation. The database was updated as well, and there are now a working example that we wil build on with the next release.

I suspect there might be something useful in test4 :)

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2005-10-25

More info on my blog

I have posted some more details on my blog, since many of my friends visit it often. I will in future post important news items there, linking them back to the primary LAMPAS home page. My blog:

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2005-10-15

Release 2

So I have finally gor around to add the dependency calculation algorithm. It still needs some polishing, but at least it works as expected. Still not much to actually use :(

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2005-10-14

First code release

Finally some code :)

It's nothing major at this stage. I am still in the early experimental phases with the actual code. A major part of my work up to now was paper ideas, so now is the beginning of the long road to produce some code of all those ideas.

I am starting with the source code repository as this is one of the key back-end systems, and also because I had to start somewhere.

Although the LAMPAS system will eventually be web based from a UI perspective, a lot of the early work will be just code snippets with minimal user interfacing.... read more

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2005-10-07


Since the project start I have added the following updates:

* Added the basic Home Page of LAMPAS on SF
* Added two pieces of semi complete documentation

There is also a mailing list which will also be used to publish announcements similar to this news item.

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2005-10-03

Finally we start

The kind people at has approved this project, and the first week I will concentrate on getting the Project Web Site going on SF. By the end of October I should be able to release the first "usable" code which will probably be the early work on LAMPAS Module Management (source code version control system). For early notification on what's happening, please join the lampas-announce mailing list.

Posted by Nico Coetzee 2005-10-02

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