#31 I have a serious problem and i need your help.


I am having an issue with itunes and mp3 files encoded with lame however it does not do it on every file. I use EAC to rip my cd and tell it to encode to a lame 320khz mp3 file. I am ripping th album by Sum 41 - All killer no filler. I play the files in winamp and they are fine. this is a gapless album so all the song blend in with one another. when i go to itunes and tell it to add these files to the library they add but i have a poping problem. on certain tracks I hear a pop during transition between one song to another. it does it on the ipod and I beleve it does it on itunes as well. Is there something in the encoded file that itunes can't read corectly? I am using visat 64 with EAC and Itunes 9.0. Please email me back with help. Thanks. Sparkysemail@gmail.com


  • Robert Hegemann

    Robert Hegemann - 2017-08-06

    If erverything sounds fine with Winamp, then I can only guess and there must be something wrong with the decoders in ipod and iTunes.

  • Robert Hegemann

    Robert Hegemann - 2017-08-06
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