#58 Fix build failure on Alpha Systems


Because of the typedefs in config.h, there needs to be include guards in config.h for alpha. This patch modifies configure.in to generate include guards in config.h.


  • Robert Hegemann

    Robert Hegemann - 2012-01-30

    Sorry, but the attached file doesn't look like a patch file. (contains some html code?)

  • Andres Mejia

    Andres Mejia - 2012-01-30

    I think there's a problem with sourceforge. I'm able to view them correctly sometimes. Check lame-dev for the patch.

  • Rogério Theodoro de Brito

    • assigned_to: nobody --> rbrito
  • Rogério Theodoro de Brito

    I just could see the patch attached to this bug. Will check the other one.

  • Andres Mejia

    Andres Mejia - 2012-01-30

    I also noticed some of the typedefs are not used, and some are duplication of what stdint.h already does. Perhaps a general cleanup of the generated typedefs should be done as well.


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