#69 Compatibility with QuickTime playback

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QuickTime Player seems to "stretch" samples slightly of LAME-
encoded MP3s during playback. The test file used was an AIFF of
length 3:39:11, and the output MP3 was read by QuickTime as
3:39:28 (that's 3 minutes, 39 and 28/30th seconds). If the MP3 is
exported back to AIFF, it goes down to 3:39:12 (I assume the
extra 00:00:01 is due to the framing issue of MP3s). If the MP3
and AIFF are played simultaneously, they begin roughly
simultaneously, and deviate further and further as time goes on.

OS X 10.2.6
lame 3.93.1, compiled with all options on default.
QuickTime 6.2

I have observed this bug on other builds and other OS X/QT
versions as well, though I could not name them specifically.

I don't know whether this bug is with LAME or with QuickTime; I'll
be sending a similar bug report to Apple as well.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    this could be due to dropframe vs non drop frame. IIRC, QT
    uses drop frame NTSC timecode as default. take the mp3 and
    toss it into a non QT mp3 player and see what the length is.
    if the length is correct then QT is to blame.

  • Gabriel Bouvigne

    • status: open --> closed
  • Gabriel Bouvigne

    Logged In: YES

    This probably is a problem related to Quicktime, not Lame


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