Hi Roland,

Thank you for the clarification.  I had been working on the Ubuntu doc you reference, but there are discrepancies and missing information, which led me to LAM.  I will get the backend up and running and then, with luck, LAM can populate it for me.  

My ultimate goal is to have an LDAP server act as the directory for a Samba PDC on the same box.  I have considered Mandriva Directory Server, but I'm not sure about Mandriva's long-term viability.  I may still go that route if only for ease-of-use.

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Hi Mike,

Am 09.01.2012 03:04, schrieb Mike Edwards:
> I was under the impression that LAM was a self-contained system that would
> handle setting up an LDAP server from the ground up.  However, the
> install/setup docs do not say how to set a password for the main login page
> in order to get to the point where one can add users, etc.  Is this account
> supposed to be set up outside of LAM?

LAM is a webfrontend to manage LDAP servers. Unfortunately, the LDAP
server setup itself is out of scope. This is something very specific for
each user.

>  I have tried entering a system user
> account (uid=username,dc=example,dc=com), but that doesn't work.   (Some of
> the posts I've read refer to slapd.conf, but I am running Ubuntu 10.04 and
> slapd apparently no longer uses that config file.)

Here is a HowTo for OpenLDAP on Ubuntu:


On Debian the first LDAP database is configured in
/etc/ldap/slapd.d/cn=config/olcDatabase={1}bdb.ldif. This also contains
the line with "olcRootDN:" which specifies your admin DN.

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Roland Gruber

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