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Version 2.0 On The Way

Fear not. I'm still working on 2.0. There's going to be a lot more code once I'm done. I'm trying to incorporate all major StaticEvents. 2.0 won't include very server reply, but it will handle some important ones.

As I near getting to a point where I can begin debugging, I've already begun to decide what I will work towards for 3.0. I feel that 3.0 may need DLL interface abstration. It's ridiculous to export -every- bot function, including the bot's own protected static events.

Posted by Roy Laurie 2004-12-22

Modules & The StaticEvents That Don't Love Them

...Tonight, on Jerry Springer!

Module support for StaticEvents has been tested (kid tested, mother approved). All works well. Seeing that there aren't any docs, I'll make a not of it here until such time:

StaticEvents are being passed non-const data. While, if any data, such as clients or channels that are IsRegistered() are copies to prevent problems with dynamic std::vector allocation, the idea is that they may be changed (channels joined/parted, clients kicked, etc.) and so must not be const. Also, this will allow modules to change data as they see fit, so that the next module receiving the event won't have outdated information. I've meditated on the best approach for a few days now and can say the best way is non-const.... read more

Posted by Roy Laurie 2004-12-12

System DLLs

For those of you getting errors about missing system DLLs when attempting to run lagbeast, I've included a zip of the two that have been reported missing.

Posted by Roy Laurie 2004-12-09

v1.9.2 Release

Multiuser bugfix as promised. I took a little longer to release this package than I wanted to. I'm working at automating the release packaging so that I can more easily dump new versions to sourceforge...

Posted by Roy Laurie 2004-12-09

v1.9.1 Release

With the latest version comes more ehancements to the bot's OOP framework along with the foundation for event-driven module interaction using the StaticEvent class.

Packages will now include both the binary and source release along with the basic module (module_template).

Version 2.0 will release with:
* 50% or more of core event functions provided to Module.
* Successful multi-user system with supporting flat-file database and full session verification (such as after onpart, onquit, onban, etc.)... read more

Posted by Roy Laurie 2004-12-06

Dll Support Enabled

Version 1.8 stable is out. Along with the source is a basic module template dll. Currently, there won't be *nix support until I iron out the little nuances of the project. Until then, enjoy.

Posted by Roy Laurie 2004-12-02

Lagbeast Release Updates

I've deleted the last version from the release list, as it doesn't resemble the new code very much. This latest release is a work in progress. I'm dumping it early to show that the API is there as well as a basic DLL API.

Posted by Roy Laurie 2004-08-26

DLL Capability & Soon Release

DLL capability is currently being coded into lagbeast. The next release should be within the next 3 weeks. It would be sooner, but I'm currently working on a project with my website at .

Posted by Roy Laurie 2004-06-21

Lagbeast InOp Released

The inop release is the current working copy of lagbeast. It is full of compiler errors right now. I just wanted to dump something to prove that lagbeast does in fact exist.

Posted by Roy Laurie 2004-04-03

Lagbeast Project Online

I've finally decided to release lagbeast publically. I should have the first package out by the end of the weekend.

Posted by Roy Laurie 2004-03-20

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