#112 Include attached data in HTML representation of posts

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For e.g. post 195, we have a URL such as http://HOST/BLOG/195/post.xml, and this XML file has an "<html>" element, e.g. "<html>My post contents<div class="postTools"></div></html>"

Where there is attached data on a post, if a 3rd party client wants to display that, it currently looks like it is necessary for the client to look in post.xml for the "<attached_data><data>http://HOST/data/DATA.xml</data></attached_data>" section, then retrieve and parse all the DATA.xml files returned, in order to find the <dataitem> elements that finally give links to the attached data.

Could these links either be added to the existing <html> element, or a new element e.g. <linkedhtml> introduced whose content would be that of the existing <html> element but with the links to each attached data item appended, so that there is not a need for every client app to follow the current, and somewhat longwinded, process to give its users access to attached data?


  • nsob104

    nsob104 - 2012-03-07
    • labels: 1470023 --> Export
    • priority: 5 --> 6
  • Tim Parkinson

    Tim Parkinson - 2012-03-09
    • milestone: 2559225 -->
  • Tim Parkinson

    Tim Parkinson - 2012-03-09

    Uncommited from 2.3 . We haven't assessed this one yet.


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