#126 Metadata - Key/Value URI renders dash for slash

Metadata (3)

Have a look in the ITaaU blog at this post.


See how the metadata is rendered.

Cause is excessive escaping, probably in prop_blog.php line ~116


  • John Robinson

    John Robinson - 2012-11-16
    • priority: 5 --> 6
    • summary: Key/Value URI renders dash for slash --> Metadata - Key/Value URI renders dash for slash
  • Tim Parkinson

    Tim Parkinson - 2013-01-22
    • milestone: --> v9.9 - Futures, Uncommitted Development
    • status: open --> open-later
  • Tim Parkinson

    Tim Parkinson - 2013-01-22

    We will keep this as a known issue.
    If we fix it we will break any Trove that already has /'s turned to -'s.
    We will address this issue in a future release when we migrate key/value from XML strings to tables.

  • Tim Parkinson

    Tim Parkinson - 2014-07-28
    • Group: v9.9 - Futures, Uncommitted Development --> v2.4
    • Priority: 6 --> 7
  • David R Newman

    David R Newman - 2014-08-03

    The / in - has been fixed as URLs can now be handled as metadata values because of the use of URL encoding and decoding on the metadata key-value index pages. Problems with escaping of single quote marks has been dealt with and double quote marks (like angle brackets) are not permitted for metadata values.

    Tim: Can you confirm you are happy with this fix on aurora.

  • Tim Parkinson

    Tim Parkinson - 2014-08-04
    • status: open-later --> closed-fixed
    • assigned_to: John Robinson --> David R Newman
  • Tim Parkinson

    Tim Parkinson - 2014-08-04

    Seems to work properly now on Aurora.
    Made a new post with an URL as a key value which was stored and rendered and remembered upon edit correctly.

    Went back and edited the original test case where '-' had been substituted for '/' and put the '/'s back successfully.
    The changes were saved and remembered upon re-edit.



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