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LabPlot 2.0.1 released

the first bug-fix release for LabPlot2 can be downloaded from our sourceforge

Two issues are fixed in this release:
* Fixed wrong scaling of legend's text labels in pdf-export
* Fixed memory corruption in CartesianPlotDock that can lead to crashes

Posted by Alexander Semke 2014-02-01

LabPlot 2.0.0 released

Today we release the first stable version of LabPlot2. There are still many things that can be improved and implemented. But we think it's better to release now and to make LabPlot available to a larger number of users thus also increasing the amount of feedback and bug reports.

LabPlot2 is a complete rewrite of LabPlot1 and lacks in this release a lot of features available in the predecessor. On the other hand, the GUI and the usability are more superior as compared to LabPlot1 and there are several new features that were not available in LabPlot1.... read more

Posted by Alexander Semke 2014-01-19

second beta-release of LabPlot2

Since the last beta release two month ago couple of bugs were fixed and some
polishment and cleanup in the code was done. It's a good time to
release the second beta. In a week or so, if no big problems occur, we'll
upload the first final release of LabPlot2. Until then we still have time to
test and to improve.

Posted by Alexander Semke 2013-12-21

Beta1 released

Today we release our first beta release. Since our last release a lot of work
was done towards stabilization and polishing of labplot. We plan to invest
more time and effort in this direction and release in few weeks a second beta.
After this, if no severe problems occur, we are going to make a first stable
release of labplot2.
There are a couple of bugs we're aware of. And there are many that we still
need to find and to fix for this release.... read more

Posted by Alexander Semke 2013-10-22

alpha3 released.

Today we tagged the next alpha release. As many of you know, there were no
official public announcments, news and releases. But the development was not
dead all this time, though not as fast as planned at the beginning...

Please have a look at the recent changes in the commit browser.

The basic workflow - importing ascii data to a spreadsheet und creating a
worksheet with one or several plots - is quite usable now.
A lot of plot properties can be easily modified via the according dock
widgets.... read more

Posted by Alexander Semke 2012-12-24

new Development Wiki

Created a new Wiki to support the development of LabPlot 2.x/SciDAVis.

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2009-03-17 + 2.0.0.alpha2 released

second bug fix release of stable 1.6.0
second alpha version of 2.0

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2008-08-05

first 2.0.0 alpha released.

This first alpha release lacks a lot of features but gives a first glance on how 2.0 will look like. Hope you like it :-)
Please test it and report your experience. It requires cmake and KDE 4.0 to compile.

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2008-03-03

1.6.0 released!

Hi everyone,

I just released the next stable release 1.6.0.
It may contain new bugs, but that's why it's a .0 version. Bug reports are very welcome!
I will release bugfix-versions at regular intervals.

Please add a comment on the download page in the Wiki if you build binary packages.

have fun :-)

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2007-12-17

last pre version

1.6.0.pre4 is the last pre version of 1.6.0.
RC versions following the release plan :

Oct. 15 RC 1 feature & documentation freeze
Nov. 5 RC 2 last bugfixes
Nov. 26 RC 3 very last bugfixes
Dec. 17 FINAL stable release with RPM packages and up to date translations

have fun :-)

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2007-09-24

first pre version of 1.6.0 released

Plesae test it and report problems.
The new features are listed in the announcement.

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2006-06-02

1.5.1 is out!

packages can be found at the download site.

have fun :-)

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2006-04-04

1.5.1.rc2 released

This is the last release candidate.
It's the last chance to report bugs before 1.5.1 comes out.
Also the translation needs some minor updates.

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2006-03-27

updated po/ and doc/ for 1.5.1

The po/ and doc/ in CVS are now updated for 1.5.1.

Please update your translations with the next 4 weeks so i can include it in the final 1.5.1 release.


Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2006-02-28

1.5.1.rc1 released

This is the first release candidate for 1.5.1.

Still some bugs to fix but basically that's how 1.5.1 will look like.
Please test it and report problems.

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2006-02-27

1.5.1.pre5 released

new features :

  • improved pie plot
  • capability analysis
  • fill between curves
  • save all settings

This will be the last pre-release. I'm now working on the last bug fixes for rc1.

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2006-01-23

1.5.1.pre4 released

new features :
fit in spreadsheet
statistics on columns/rows
new axes tic style
improved surface plot
* more bug fixes

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2005-12-12

1.5.1.pre3 released

mostly bug fixes.

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2005-11-02

1.5.1.pre2 released

new features :
* improved set-value dialog in spreadsheet
* support for panel plots
* much improved explorer dialog with drag and drop
* richtext in legend
* save & restore sheets position/size in project
* many small improvements and more bug fixes

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2005-10-17

1.5.0 bug fix release 5

fixed bugs :
* explorer bugs: on active spreadsheet, use title
* smooth dialog bugs : even n, last item missing
* configure : check for old versions
* configure dialog config group bug
* data dialog surface crash

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2005-10-17

1.5.0 bug fix release 4

fixes following bugs:
Spreadsheet bugs :
* rows and cols interchanged in Graph3D
* set caption after open
setEditable() bug on FC-4 when filling KComboBoxes
shortcut updates
bug in export dialog : getSaveFilename()
buttons in project explorer removed
fixed "save" problem

(updated RPMs for Fedora Core 4 available)

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2005-10-04

new mailinglists added

check out the new lists under "Lists"

Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2005-09-30

1.5.1.pre1 released

new features :

  • new analysis functions : noise, signal filter and auto-/crosscorrelation
  • add-graph dialog in graph list
  • many small improvements
  • lot of bug fixes
Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2005-09-21

1.5.0 bug fix release 3

fixed bugs in :

  • kexidb configure problems
  • number of rows not set as destination of plot
  • deleteRows()/deleteColumns() in Spreadsheet improved
  • draw lines and enable arrows problem
  • pstoedit missing option "-scale" and used dynamical
  • improved autoscale for log scales
  • qwtplot3d crash fixed with new version 0.2.6
  • histogram for spreadsheet fixed
  • histogram max value problem
  • spreadsheet::clear+shortcuts
Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2005-09-12

1.5.0 bug fix release 2

fixed bugs in :

  • project name changes when saving as image
  • problems with deleting multiple rows in a spreadsheet
  • problem reading data with ";" separation
  • toolbar separators missing
  • file dialog shows only files with lower case extension
Posted by Stefan Gerlach 2005-09-01