Charts with categorical x-axes

  • kristanb

    kristanb - 2006-02-20

    Is there a way to plot basic line and bar charts that have categorical x-axes? It's possible to get these in Grace with a lot of hand-tweaking, but so far I haven't found a way to do them in LabPlot.


    • Stefan Gerlach

      Stefan Gerlach - 2006-02-20


      I'm not sure what you mean with categorical x-axes. Can you send me a sample screenshot?


    • Seal20

      Seal20 - 2006-10-26


      First thanks for this software, because before I was using SigmaPlot and so you save me a reboot under windows each time I want to edit a graph...

      As this post was not updated and that I understand his question, I have the same request, I will try to be more clear.

      I have datas, working in the environment it is nutrients concentrations, bacteria abundances, etc. associated to a location. I want to plot the different parameters as y,y1,y2, etc. and location as x. So x values are not numbers but categories, it has a name (example station A, station B). the only way I found to make such a bar charts is to assigned a numbers to each location. then create multiple plot for each x,y ; x,y1 ,etc. then overlay all. Also in order that all the bar are not all over I change the start and end of x axis. Finally I add manualy the legend for each group of bars...

      I don't know how I can send a screenshot of a plot i realize like this, if you want one, please tell me how to do.

      In grace if i put categories it make a scale, I dont know how but make it, without any legend. Finally I have the same problem than with your sofware (because each y has different scale) and i have to overlay plot... Because labplot is more beautiful and import of data more convenient I prefere to work with it :-)



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