Control of surface plot "Z" axis endpoints

  • david moore

    david moore - 2006-08-14

    How do you set the "range" of the "z" axis of the surface plot?

    I would like to set the minimum point of the color scale to 10 and the maximum to 35. It seems logical to call this the "Z" axis, but this does not seem to be the way it is implimented.

    I tried this script fragment with no success.

    s = activeSpreadsheet();
    w = activeWorksheet();
    p = w.get2DSurfacePlot(w.API());
    p.setXRange(0.5, 15);
    p.setYRange(0.25, 2.25);
    p.setZRange(10, 35);

    It works for the X and Y range, but not the Z. I can not find any other ways to set this value. Any suggestions?

    • david moore

      david moore - 2006-09-05

      I have tried a number of work arounds here with no luck.
      For instance, I tried including data points with x and y values well outside of my plot region and fixing their values at the limits I wished to impose on my plot range. This does not work...

      Is there a way I can emulate a surface plot and set the effective range of the scale?

      I am trying to compile multiple plots of temperature data for comparison with one annother, and it is more difficult if the range is constantly changing.

    • david moore

      david moore - 2006-08-31

      Still looking for an answer... Any ideas?



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