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Read Me

oooOoOo[ AA ]oOoOooo


Put on your /usr/local/bin:

    $ sudo cp /usr/local/bin/aa

Or just create a link:

    $ sudo ln -s /complete/path/to/your/ /usr/local/bin/aa

Configure your nickname:

    $ aa config user.nickname <YOUR NICKNAME HERE>

And the AA-Web (the web server) URL:

    $ aa config server.url

Install dependencies:

    $ sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin espeak


Now you can use:

    $ aa start                        ... starts your session
    $ aa post foo                     ... posts foo
    $ aa shout foo                    ... posts foo and sends message to server
    $ aa stop                         ... stops your session
    $ aa config <attribute> <value>   ... sets some attribute
    $ aa status|st                    ... checks if daemon is running
    $ aa time|ts                      ... show time and timeslot info
    $ aa viewlog                      ... shows your current log
    $ aa push                         ... pushes your log to the server

For now, just 'aa stop' will send your 'work log' to the server. You
can see your log at (or any server configured using
aa config server.url <URL SERVER HERE>).


Configuration attributes currently in use:


Suggested Workflow

A suggestion for your daily workflow on Lab Macambira:

* Look at the tickets of your GT on
* Use AA
    aa start
    aa shout working on foo
    aa stop
    aa push
* Use '''shout''' instead of '''post''' when you are connected to the Web
* Open how many tickets your consider necessary to organize your actions
* Keep atention to your GT milestones
* Close the tickets you'll fixing
* Use the wiki a lot to report your activities:
* Use the mail list ( and IRC (#labmacambira at


If you don't have permission as developer on the AA's SourceForge project,
please send an email asking to

If you have permission, clone the repos:

    git clone ssh://

Change USERNAME by your SourceForge username.

For more information, take a look at

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