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remanejados antigos plugins para receber os novos

Green Kobold Green Kobold 2013-02-12

renamed leitor/Makefile -> old/leitor/Makefile
renamed leitor/README -> old/leitor/README
renamed leitor/danieldantas.txt -> old/leitor/danieldantas.txt
renamed leitor/leitor.cpp -> old/leitor/leitor.cpp
renamed leitor/manifest.ttl -> old/leitor/manifest.ttl
renamed leitor/teste -> old/leitor/teste
renamed zero-v2/Makefile -> old/zero-v2/Makefile
renamed zero-v2/README-ZERO-V2.txt -> old/zero-v2/README-ZERO-V2.txt
renamed zero-v2/manifest.ttl -> old/zero-v2/manifest.ttl
renamed zero-v2/senoide.cpp -> old/zero-v2/senoide.cpp
renamed zero/Makefile -> old/zero/Makefile
renamed zero/README-TUTORIAL-ZERO.txt -> old/zero/README-TUTORIAL-ZERO.txt
renamed zero/manifest.ttl -> old/zero/manifest.ttl
renamed zero/silence.cpp -> old/zero/silence.cpp
leitor/Makefile to old/leitor/Makefile
File was renamed.
leitor/README to old/leitor/README
File was renamed.
leitor/teste to old/leitor/teste
File was renamed.
zero-v2/Makefile to old/zero-v2/Makefile
File was renamed.
zero/Makefile to old/zero/Makefile
File was renamed.
zero/silence.cpp to old/zero/silence.cpp
File was renamed.

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