#1 Calculation Engine

Client Side (1)

Currently all values to be printed have to be provided in the printjob.
A calculation engine should be implemented so you can derive a new field from other values.

The fields value should be dependant on other fields in the same label, from constant values (like date/time) or predefined fields (like label sequence number in the job).

In this engine there must be functions to do string manupuliation, convert between strings and numeric values like integers, money fields, and floats. Some data/time manipulation functions must be provided also.


  • Marc Van Endert

    Marc Van Endert - 2009-04-09

    This feature has been partially implemented. The Lua scripting language has been added to the project. In the 1.2 release you can only manipulate the data to be printed. In a future version we will also be able to set the properties of the fields, like font or barcode type for a barcode.

  • Marc Van Endert

    Marc Van Endert - 2009-04-09
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    • priority: 5 --> 7
    • status: open --> pending
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