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Marie L. Lypka

Project Admins:

Version 1.0.2 of Lab Calendar by Marie Lypka (labcalendargroup@gmail.com)

labcalendar maintains an online calendar for teachers wishing to sign up for class time in computer labs.
It includes an html page with forms for customizing the calendar for your school.

Administration through accounts
User preference items
Drag and Drop theme elements at the top of the calendar(Super)
Hiding theme elements from the My Preferences page(Super)
User account management(Super)
Mobile access(optional)

Sqlite(from php)

Important areas for navegation are two side panels at the extreme left near the top. There are the "About" and "Lobin" panels. Hovering the mouse over one of these will open it up and allow further selection. The "Login" panel will stay open, allowing a person to login by entering name and password and clicking the "OK". A Right-click on the panel will close it.

"My Preferences" is reached from the "Login" panel.

See readme file listed on Download page.

The software comes with a built-in theme composed of four elements at the top of the calendar. The Super(admin) can Drag and Drop them using the Right mouse button, then (Left) click the "Set" button to remember the position.
The Super(admin) can view and change element propertes further in "My Preferences", that even includes hiding elements.

If you want mobile access to this software, you must put a copy of hawhaw.inc from www.hawhaw.de in the same directory as this software. It is free software. There is no problem with not having it, if you will only use web access. If you later want to have mobile access, besides getting hawhaw.inc there is no uninstall or reinstall of labcalendar required.

Teachers are given privilege 5 (User).
Privilege of 0 is (Guest) and provides minimal abilities.
Computer Lab Aides are given privilege 10 (Admin) so they can help teachers in the lab.
The Super(admin) creates accounts and maintains long range aspects of the calendar in addition to helping teachers.

The default initial password is "lab". That allows a person to sign and change the password in their "My Preferences" area. To go there just click the "Login" side panel on the left and then "My Preferences".

Each schoolsystem is a database, each school has tables in the database and each lab has specific information stored in the school's tables but share general school level information. Within this structure one can choose to add other school-like or lab-like entities as either new schoolsystems, schools or labs depending on the exact relation desired.