I'm using l2tpns for a quite long while and i'm now testing the cluster feature, without success.

In fact i always receive on the slave:

CRIT-0-0 DANGER: I received a heartbeat element where i didn't understand the type! (X)
Most of time X = 0

If i shut the master down and then start it, i get :

CRIT-0-0 I got an incomplete heartbeat packet! This means I'm probably out of sync!!
and on the new master (ex slave):

CRIT-0-0 I just got a heartbeat from master X.X.X.X, but _I_ am the master

So it seems that the problem is related to multicast communication , but i found nothing on doc nor mailing-lists...

Do somebody have any idea on how to get clustering working?

I'm using debian 2.6.26 kernel
I tried with l2tpns cvs version and 2.1.21.

Best regards


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