Just to help rule out some possible issues if anyone can assist in answering these questions it might help.


1. The Total Bandwidth used across the cluster is around 400Mbps. we see that each of the nodes does around 80Mbps. Is there a limit on the L2TPNS software on bandwidth per node? All the interfaces are 1G and our switches are also 1G.


2. Can we move the multicast interface to another interface other than the public interface where all internet traffic flows? Do we need to have Multicast configured on the router side for the L2TPNS cluster to work?


3. Our routers have MTU set as 1500. So do we need to set a lower MTU on the L2TPNS tunnel interface to like 1472?  (via startup-config) or keep the 1500 ?


4.Does the L2TPNS software support 64-bit and multi-threading ? any issues? (we compiled the L2TPNS on 64-bit CentOS)


5. Our nodes have two CPU’s and HyperThreading has been disabled yet we still see one core saturated before another does any work, are there any issues with multithreading and L2TPNS ?


Any help is appreciated J