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L'ane: User Wiki

We now have a user-wiki thanks to Leah Cunningham at http://wiki.l-ane.net/

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2005-05-26

L'anePOS: The New Website's Here! The New Website's Here!

I finally committed enough of the new website to make it live. New graphics, MUCH more information, and various organizational cleanups. Although it still needs some improvements, check it out: http://l-ane.net/

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2005-03-19

L'anePOS: New Release: Changes and Installer, Oh My

The new release (0.20050314) includes bug fixes and code cleanups. It also includes a new installer that should help in setting up a computer for L'ane. In fact, the installer modifies a existing dataset to work with the new tools, so its use is REQUIRED. http://ryotous.com/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=12

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2005-03-14

L'anePOS: New Release Incl Bug Fixes and Cleanups

The new release (2004-04-01) includes bug fixes and code cleanups. It also includes a new config file format in LanePOS/config/ . http://ryotous.com/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=26

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2004-04-01

L'anePOS: Bugzilla Bug and Task Tracker

L'ane related bugs and tasks are now tracked on our own Bugzilla: http://ryotous.com/bugs/ . It also contains information related to new features and future developments (thus "Task Tracker").

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2004-03-12

L'anePOS: New Release incl unit tests

The 2004-03-12 release includes object unit tests in $LaneRoot/tests/ . The various bugs and warnings uncovered by these tests have been fixed in this release.

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2004-03-12

L'anePOS: New Release incl initial XML Register config

The 2003-07-24 release includes the early release of xmlRegister, which allows one to easily modify the fonts, colors, and layout of the register interface via an XML file. Currently, only the Tk renderer supports the XML files.

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2003-07-24

L'anePOS: New Release incl International and Euro Support

The 2002-07-16 release includes international support including localization via non-English text and configurable currency display format. Use the SQL script on http://l-ane.sf.net/locale/ as an example for translating the prompts. The decimal-place-independent code has been disabled pending a upgrade script.

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-07-16

L'anePOS: New Release

I've posted the lane-2002-06-17 release of L'anePOS. It includes a few bug fixes and a new retailTk front end to the Register class.

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-06-17

L'anePOS: Article in Open Magazine

The current issue (Vol 30) of Open Magazine has an article about L'anePOS. http://open-mag.com/ (free registration required).

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-06-15

L'anePOS: New Website Info

I plan on adding several new sections to the website, including: a user gallery, information on migrating to L'anePOS, a consultant list, and future design plans. If anyone has information in these areas they would like to contribute, please email the information to me via the address listed on the SourceForge project page. I especially would like to hear from people using the software in production (or soon to be production) environments. Thanks for using or evaluating L'anePOS!

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-06-14

L'anePOS: New FAQ page

I've added a FAQ page to the website. It's kind of small at the moment, but I'll add to it as questions come in. (jb)

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-06-06

L'anePOS: USB Serial support for Thin NIC

The 2002-04-10 lane-thin-nic CD image includes an updated kernel (2.4.17) and support for USB->serial adapters.

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-04-10

L'anePOS: Canadian GST support

Register 1.9.1 (lane-2002-03-01) supports Canadian GST via a tax plugin available from the plugins page of the website.

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-03-01

L'anePOS: Fractional Qty and Price Support

2002-02-18 includes support for fractional quantities and for fractional prices ($1.099). This support was added for grocery stores (scales) and gas stations (fuel).

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-02-18

L'anePOS: Foreign Currency Tender Plugin

The plugins page on the website has a sample foreign currency plugin. It converts the foreign amount to the local currency.

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-02-13

L'anePOS: New NIC Image w/Sound Support

The 2002-02-01-toy NIC image includes esd running at port 5001. This allows sound to play over the network on the cash register. Some practical uses include: targeted audio advertising, spoken "pole display," and gimmicks/promotions.

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-02-02

L'anePOS: "Industry Specific Notes" Webpages

The website now includes an "Industry Specific Notes" section. This section includes notes and information on using L'anePOS in various industries, for example grocery stores and restaurants. http://l-ane.sf.net/industries/

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-01-31

L'anePOS: Remote (Kitchen/Bar) Printers

The lane-2002-01-27.tgz package includes support for remote (kitchen/bar) printers. To use them, get the itemCode sample from the plugins page http://l-ane.sf.net/plugins.html .

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-01-27

L'anePOS: Sizes and Modifiers

The latest version (lane-2002-01-22) of L'anePOS includes support for sizes, modifiers, and other types of pseudo-products. With the touch screen interface, most restaurant features are now supported.

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-01-22

L'anePOS: New touch screen register

The file lane-2002-01-20.tgz includes a new touch screen (Tk) frontend to the Register class. This frontend can be used by both retail stores and restaurants.

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-01-20

L'anePOS: SSL NIC image

The new (2002-01-07) NIC CD image supports SSL connections to the PostgreSQL server. With a properly configured server, the connections from the NIC are automatically encrypted.

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2002-01-08

L'anePOS: Speedups and Expermental Food Stamp/WIC/PriceTable

New and faster extFmt() (probably the most called function in the system). Experimental support for food stamps (IL Link card style), WIC, and price tables (3/$1 pricing).

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2001-09-28

L'anePOS: Example front ends, including an X11 one

From L'anePOS Point-of-Sale System:

Some people have asked about other front ends, so this release contains two new front ends to the Register class: a stress/load tester that generates random sales, and an X11 (via Tk) front end. The Tk front end is made to look like the Curses front end. It is only intended as a proof of concept, not a deployable system. The Tk fe is LanePOS/register/examples/registerQuickTk and the tester is LanePOS/backOffice/utilities/registerTester .

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2001-09-17

L'anePOS Mailing list

I've created a mailing list for general L'anePOS discussion: l-ane-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net

Posted by Jason B. Burrell 2001-09-05