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Library Accounting System 1.1 released.

L-A-S is a cataloguing system for personal library collections.

WIth this release adds the ability to store movie details, as a result LAS tis now a multimedia system.

Posted by Aaron 2005-11-21

Library Accounting System 1.0.3 released.

Library Accounting System has just undergone its largest update yet in its quest to become an indispensable tool for all those who have large book collections.
[*] Custom styles have been added to allow comfortable use of the program for each person.
[*] For those so inclined the Dewey Decimal System has been added for those who desire more indepth classification than the basic genres.
[*] It is now posible to export your records in deliminated form or as a php document.
[*] The "update.php" script in the admin panel will update all the records in your database to the newest format with each release.
[*] Book cover image support has been added.
[*]A note system has been added for attaching notes to specific books, there is no limit to the number of notes and you can also add followups.
[*] Plus many other changes in the changelog and others not announced.

Posted by Aaron 2005-11-09

L-A-S Third Release 1.0.2.

This release includes:
An admin panel to allow easy changing of configuration.
Callnumber support has been added for newspapers and magazines (read the site docs for more details).
Files have been reorganized to ease the use of languages and themes in future additions.

Posted by Aaron 2005-11-03

L-A-S second release (1.0.1)

Feature additions completed for second release:
[*]Added record list pagination
[*]Updated editing, adding and viewing to not show escape charecters.
[*]Added user permissions (to reinforce the individual focus it is restricted to one admin account that can do anything and defaults for anyone not logged in.)
[*]Updated security with addslashes to all values and code to block url'ing to filesCan now upload and store files (.txt and .pdf) in the mysql database.
[*]Files have been cleaned up and commented.
[*]Added style sheets for printing for viewing and listing. This ensures an attractive print without sidebars, menus or pointless colors nad backgrounds.
[*]Transfered all text to a language file for easy translating later.
[*]Updated autoinfo to use far more efficient code
[*]Add and edit both display media specific fields on medium change or "Switch view" click. (The "View all" button allows you to turn this off.)

Posted by Aaron 2005-10-31

First Release

The first release has been made, please read the Readme before attempting to install. Read the docs ( for descriptions of the database/file setup.

Posted by Aaron 2005-10-29

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