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cvs removed, very very importantly

the cvs module kkc is not no more
updated now ( sorry ).

the reason:

I like, but its cvs servers are
overloaded. I need a faster cvs server,
therefore i switched to

cvs login

hit enter

cvs -z3 co kkyrocard

best regards

Posted by Alexander 2004-06-30

kyro v0.5.4-RC1 cvs available

it is now possible from cvs to load.
the module is kkc.
the other modules kkyrocard and kyro2insttool is

used please the module kkc and not the other modules.

the only one which is not yet functioned, my
program still none script file provided, to which
remainder functions, like down load and edit
that the XF86Config * (however only as roots possible)


Posted by Alexander 2004-06-19

kyro v0.5.4-RC1 coming soon

please visite my project hp for more information.
the change log is in german, english is coming soon.


Posted by Alexander 2004-05-18