Dev C++ and Kyra

  • Arminas

    Arminas - 2005-08-19

    Well I attempted to get Kyra working on Dev c++ again.  I tried first to compile the source from your website, no go.  I then tried to use the dev files from the community page, still didn't compile.  Finally tried the devpack that is listed on Dev c++ devpack lists, still doesn't work.  Yes I do like ease of installation btw, which I was hoping to get with the devpack version of Kyra.  

    So someone please explain to me in a step by step manner how to easily get Kyra installed to work in DevC++.

    • Lee Thomason

      Lee Thomason - 2005-08-19

      Arminas --

      Kyra doesn't ship with dev-c++ support, although others have certianly got it working. I know it is a little frustrating, but you have left the happy world of tested code and moved into the experimental place of There Be Monsters.


    • Matt

      Matt - 2006-05-11

      If you get everything compiled and working using some other compiler (like MinGW or Cygwin), you can copy the requisite files for SDL (as it actually moves things around) from the /bin and /lib directories of wherever it installed SDL (I used cygwin, it installed to /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib) to the lib and bin directories of Dev-C++. Then, you can set up your files to be in the structure:


      If you reference ../kyra/foo for the header files instead of (in the tutorials) ../foo, it works.

      Good luck


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