(noob problem?)compiling kyra

  • qw3rty

    qw3rty - 2006-06-02

    I tried to compile the whole kyra-project (except demo and tutorial) with MSVisualStudio6

    SDL: 1.2.10
    SDL_image: 1.2.5

    I got this error message: (it's the german version  - but hopefully you should get the relevant information ;)

    c:\vs_projekte\grinliz\gltypes.h(59) : warning C4091: 'typedef ' : Ignoriert auf der linken Seite von 'int', wenn keine Variable deklariert wurde
    c:\vs_projekte\grinliz\gltypes.h(59) : error C2143: Syntaxfehler : Fehlendes ';' vor 'constant'
    c:\vs_projekte\grinliz\gltypes.h(59) : fatal error C1004: Unerwartetes Dateiende gefunden

    I got this error message many many times and nothing else

    turning off KYRA_SUPPORT_OPENGL didn't help too

    • qw3rty

      qw3rty - 2006-06-03

      After using SDL 1.2.9 everything went fine.
      Don't know where the actual problems was...


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