What about other Non-Open Source Programs?

  • Phuoc Can HUA

    Phuoc Can HUA - 2004-08-18

    If I take a look in the Kyra Project Links there are only 2 projects. But I believe there must be more programs using Kyra. Is that area only for (open source) projects? Where can I find other free/shareware using Kyra?

    I find Kyra SUPER GREAT! When I saw the demo I was already that kind of impressed. I would like to see more  :-)

    Phuoc Can HUA

    • Lee Thomason

      Lee Thomason - 2004-08-21

      Thanks very much!

      Actually, a commercial game based on Kyra was just released:


      It seems to be an order of magnitude thing...

      Approximately 1/10 of unique users who view the pages download Kyra.
      Approximately 1/10 try it.
      Approximately 1/10 finish something with it.
      Approximately 1/10 post a link about it.

      ..the last is sort of a bummer. :) I only know about a few games that use it. Although my math is very suspect, the numbers see to about bear out. Although the "try" to "finish" might be closer to 1/100. Very few hobby game projects get finished.


      • Phuoc Can HUA

        Phuoc Can HUA - 2004-08-23

        1) 1/10 of unique users who view the pages download Kyra.
        2) 1/10 try it.
        3) 1/10 finish something with it.
        4) 1/10 post a link about it.

        For those 9/10 in (1), we can't do much. They must be looking for something else  :-)

        (2) is very true. I was one of 9/10. I gave up after I couldn't do much with those makefiles.
        I think if there's a place where users can post their platform and compiler specific version, that will help the frustrated users a lot.

        (3) is simply a nature of a hobby programers. After certain time we lose interest  :-)
        Therefore we should allow them to post their results earlier, in (2).

        I guess, many of (4) have finished the project with Kyra and maybe start doing something else. Then they forget the Kyra group (that would happen to me as well)
        That means we lost lots of Kyra experience on different platforms and compilers  :-(  which (I guess) is the most 'scary' part for the users.

        Thank you for the link. I haven't tried the game yet. But it looks very impressive.

        Phuoc Can HUA


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