#2 Got it installed.


I found an .rpm of the liblcms, it installed. Then I
double-clicked on the kxstitch rpm, and it installed.
:) yea!!

But now, when I browse to /opt/kde3/bin, and type
./kxstitch, I get the following error:

./kxstitch: relocation error:
/usr/lib/libMagick++.so.5: undefined symbol: cerr

Is there something wrong with the libMagick++
installation? Or is it something else?

Thanks in advance.


  • Stephen Allewell

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    I would think it is probably a incompatability between the
    RPM that was built for SuSE and your Mandrake installation.
    As I said I don't think the directory structure is
    compatible, If I recall correctly Mandrake puts the KDE
    installation under /usr and not /opt as SuSE does. There
    are probably other minor incompatabilities in the various

    I would suggest that you install from source. This will
    require installation of the various devel packages for kde,
    qt, ImageMagick, ImageMagick++, etc, etc. You will find out
    what is required when you ./configure

    I assume you have updated the admin directory for KDE3 and
    have done make -f Makefile.dist.

    If you still have problems, send me the output from
    ./configure and make to my email address and I'll try and
    help you further.

  • Stephen Allewell

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