kxstistch crash

  • Nicolas Piganeau

    I have installed kxstitxh 0.5 from the tar.bz2 on my debian system.
    When trying to import an image file, kxstitch crashes.
    It work perfectly fine for everything else.

    Any idea about this problem?
    Thank you for your help.

    Nicolas Piganeau

    • Stephen Allewell

      A bit more information would be useful.  What sort of image file is it? How big is it? At what point does KXStitch crash? Are any error messages displayed? If you run KXStitch from the command line, are there any error messages displayed?

      Ideally, you should send them image file to me so that I can try it for myself. (stephen@mirramar.fsnet.co.uk)


    • Stephen Allewell

      This turns out to be caused by a change in ImageMagick, version 6.0.0 onwards, in the definition for StorageType.  KXStitch used the value 0 in a constructor, which equated to CharPixel.  The enumerated value of CharPixel was changed to 1 in ImageMagick version 6.0.0, and 0 was UndefinedPixel, causing the fault.

      CVS has been updated with the required fix, which was to change      (MagickLib::StorageType)0   to    MagickLib::CharPixel      in line 141 of importimagedlg.cpp.


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