Release when?

  • Tom

    Tom - 2011-10-20


    I am wondering if you have any guess (one month, three months, six months) as to when there might be an "official" release of kxstitch that works with kde4 (yes, I could get the git repository to work for myself, but I want to put something in a distribution that you feel is ready and working well for ordinary users).

    Thank you.

  • Stephen Allewell

    Sadly the amount of time I can devote to development work can be sporadic so putting a schedule to it is very difficult.  There are a couple of outstanding bugs that have been reported against the current git code and there are some things that really need to be implemented for it to be more user friendly.  I think one to three months to give me a fighting chance, but ideally it needs more eyes on it to get some better feedback on any problems with it so getting a released version out there as soon as possible is a priority.

  • Stephen Allewell

    It has been a long time coming, but you may have noticed I have released a 0.9.0 version of KXStitch that is fairly feature rich, very close to the KDE3 version.




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