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kXML-RPC article published on DevX

Hi everyone,

Kyle and I have authored an article/tutorial for DevX.com. Along with a discussion all about kXML-RPC, it has a full downloadable example client and web service.

Check it out at: http://www.devx.com/Java/Article/34963


Posted by Anonymous 2007-07-18

kxmlrpc maintenance release (1.1.2) now available

A new release is now available for the XML-RPC for J2ME project. This release includes several important bug fixes, some of which were reported by our community members - so thank you to those people!

Here's a summary of the bug fixes:

- The two-argument constructor for XmlRpcClient did not correctly handle host locations that included subdirectories. This has been fixed and now allows you to access services located below your host's root directory.
- Serializing Array datatype did not implement <data> start and end tags. This now works correctly and is compliant with the XML-RPC specification.
- Parsing strings where no <string> tags were used threw an exception. This has been fixed to comply correctly with the XML-RPC specification, where <string> tags can be used to specify a string value, and if no tag is present a string value is assumed.
- Date/time values were not implemented to the correct XML-RPC specification in both serialization and parsing. Previously the kobjects implementation of IsoDate (org.kobjects.isodate.IsoDate) was used to parse and serialize dates to conform to ISO.8601 formatting. This was found to be just plain wrong - the XML-RPC spec uses an ISO.8601-like format, but does not conform to it. This has been fixed by replacing the implementation of IsoDate with a brand new one (now found in org.kxmlrpc.util.IsoDate).... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-07-11

Minor compatibility issue discovered

Dear all,

A compatibility issue with the current release of kXML-RPC has been identified by a user with regards to communication with services based on the Apache XML-RPC library. This issue may also effect usage with some other service implementations.

kXML-RPC 1.1.1 is not able to parse string values contained within arrays (Vectors) as Apache XML-RPC ommits the <string> tags when representing strings, whilst the current release of kXML-RPC requires those tags. This may also effect parsing string elements of structs (Hashtables).... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-06-29

kxmlrpc maintenance release (1.1.1) now available

A new file release is now available for the XML-RPC for J2ME project. It was realized that the previous release's binary seemed unusually large at over 50kb.

The reason for the unusually large footprint in the original binary is because when it was built, the org.kxml2.kdom and org.kxml2.wap packages were unneccessarily included. These have now been removed.

With the 1.1.1 maintenance release, a minimal binary has been made available which will require the appropriate kxml2 classes to function. This binary's footprint is under 9kb. A new 'full' binary is available which now has a reduced footprint of about 26kb.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-06-14

XML-RPC for J2ME (kxmlrpc) version 1.1 released

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new kXML-RPC release, version 1.1.

The kXML-RPC 1.1 release provides an important bug fix and enhancements that bring kXML-RPC up to date with using the latest kXML library (kxml2). This release is designed to be backwards compatible with the API of the previous version release with only minor changes required.

The kXML-RPC Team


Special thanks to all of the community members who have contributed ideas, reported problems and have helped to improve on the previous release.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-06-04

kxmlrpc new release coming soon

Work on reviving the kxmlrpc project has been continuing. The source code has been migrated from the original Enhydra project site, the code has been rewritten to use kxml2, and any existing bugs (that we can find) are being ironed out.

Some final unit testing is taking place, and an official release is planned shortly.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-05-14