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  • ferzkopp

    ferzkopp - 2006-02-04

    Hi, discovered kxmame - goodbye mame32! Thanks to the developers!

    One problem I have though, is that the Version and Category fields are not populated ("Unknown" for all games).

    My setup is:
    Qt: 3.3.4
    KDE: 3.4.2
    kxmame: 1.91
    xmame (SDL) version 0.103 (Jan 18 2006)

    Any ideas on how to get these fields loaded?

    • Toan

      Toan - 2006-02-05

      You need to download a file name catver.ini or catver (One place to go is After that specify the path to catver.ini in Settings->Directories.

    • Davik K. Hasselhof

      i cant get the catver.ini files from to work, the only one that works is the catver from, im using kxmame 1.91.

    • Julian Sikorski

      Julian Sikorski - 2006-05-12

      The files at probably come from MAME Italia forum. To make them work, you have to add a two-line heading, similar to the one used in TriggerFin's files. Greets.


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