OpenGL options don't make any difference

  • KiKeMeTaL

    KiKeMeTaL - 2006-03-03

    I have compiled the Xmame with openGL support and I can run the roms with the console using bilinear filter and those things, but with Kxmame, the OpenGL options don't work, maybe is a bug?

    • Toan

      Toan - 2006-03-04

      Hmm, xmame with OpenGL with bilinear filtering works on my machine (it makes a difference with this option on or off).

      Did you choose OpenGL as your default video mode? (menu Settings->Configure kxmame->Rendering->X11 Options->Video mode->OpenGL)

      Did you setup seperate options for individual games? Remember that option settings for invidual game have higher priority than the default options.

    • KiKeMeTaL

      KiKeMeTaL - 2006-03-07

      Yep, it was my fault, I had to choose OpenGL as my default video mode. Thanks very much for your help, now I can use xmame with all his power, this is the best xmame frontend for unix ;)


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