#13 annoying line-moving & since 0.7.8 no more adding without authorization possible


hello dear developers,

kxicq is getting better and better, I just
compiled it (actual cvs) successfully under

there are 2 things I'd like do ask u about:

(1) all lines of the contact list entries
seem to move a bit when I open icq by
clicking on the dock-icon.. this is a bit
annoying because it takes some time until
this "line moving" is finished (well, not
really long, but it is still annoying)... I
didn't see this line-moving in older versions
with kde2 and qt2...

(2) adding contacts without asking for the
authorization seems no longer possible.. if I
uncheck "Inform new Contacts" in the search
dialog kxicq still pops up for an
authorization request... as server based
contact lists are supported now it's not that
important to have the option to add somebody
without asking for the authorization... but I
really liked that, it was sort of
uncomplicated... could u reintegrate that
option? maybe as extra option one has to
activate with configure --option if u don't
like to have it as default...

thanks for all your efforts!

so far, gb.


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