#7 problems with message window in 0.7.7



the message window is open and I'm in a "chat" with
a friend.
While typing a message, I receive a new one. At
this moment the keyboard focus switches to the
textfiled with the new message and my typing gets
lost. It would be great if this focuschange can be
stopped. One other thing is, that the textfield with
the incoming msgs gets bigger and bigger and the
text field, where I type my text, gets smaller and
smaller. A fixed hight would be better.

At last I like to say that the program is really great
now in version 0.7.7. Thanks for your work.


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    The first problem i can't reproduce, can you please give
    me a better explenation ?

    the second problem is fixed !

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    Ok, I try another explenation
    At first I open a send message Window, by clicking on
    user Mr. X
    then I type my message and click on send.
    Then I type another message for Mr. X in the same
    window. While typing, I receive an answer for my first
    message, still same window. At this moment the
    textcursor is in the upper textfield, where the answer is
    displayed. To continue typing my second message, I
    must click in the textfield (where I was typing) before I
    can continue. In other words, the received message has
    stolen my keyboard focus.
    If someone here speaks german:
    Der Focus wechselt vom Textfeld, wo man die neue
    Nachricht verfasst, in das Textfeld wo die Ein und
    Ausgehende Nachrichten angezeigt werden., sobald
    eine neue Nachricht angezeigt wird.