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problems with masquerade+kxicq2cvs

  • Iuri Fiedoruk

    Iuri Fiedoruk - 2000-11-28

    I got some problems 2when running kxicq on a masquarade pc (under a firewall/gateway linux machine with fake ip=
    The problems are:
    Can't receive files (probaly because firewall)
    If I run kxicq too on the gateway machine,
    the messages to the masquerade pc comes to the
    gateway pc! (a good way to steal messages from icqs, but very bad once I can't run kxicq on the gateway machine, so I use kicq on gateway and kxicq on the masquerade pc).

    And more:
    Kxicq don't save window size/position.
    Can't update own info.
    Can't rename contacts
    (I know you will make those soon, just to remember) :)

    • Herwin Jan Steehouwer

      this is strange !
      i use KXicq through a masq firewall here also, the only thing that don;t work is TCP connections
      the rest is working !

      ( most is done of your which list ;-) )


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