#5 Quote Deletion Not Occuring


Having had Kwotes running for a few days now, I've
noticed that it has yet to delete any quotes.

Looking at the code, it looks like it requires a
cronjob or some such. Glancing at the code, I guessed
that it would call the cleanup function at some point
or require a cleanup action to be made. I tried
selecting it as an action
but that did little good.

Again, any fixes or suggestions would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.


  • Brian C. Dilley

    Brian C. Dilley - 2004-10-27
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  • Brian C. Dilley

    Brian C. Dilley - 2004-10-27

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    Your right about the cronjob. On kwotes.org we have
    cronjob that runs every hour (or so) and runs the cleanup.
    You can't execute the cleanup via a web browser however. We
    do it at the command line: "perl kwotes.pl cleanup". I can
    give you the cron entry if you are interested. We're
    currently trying to come up with a better way of performing
    cleanup... feel free to share any ideas you may have.

  • Brian C. Dilley

    Brian C. Dilley - 2004-10-28
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  • usrbingeek

    usrbingeek - 2004-11-24

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    What is the cronjob entry please

  • Brian C. Dilley

    Brian C. Dilley - 2004-11-24

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    0 * * * * /usr/bin/perl /path/to/kwotes.pl cleanup

    of course make sure your perl path is correct, as well as
    the path to kwotes.pl.


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