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KWifiSelector 0.8 released

A new version of KWifiSelector is out.

The root elevation was changed from using kdesu to sudo. This avoids passing the root password to anyone who wants to use this program.

Posted by Petric 2006-09-17

KWifiSelector 0.7 released

New release - mainly translation to german.
New feature: most dialog items now have tooltips assigned.
Also minor fixes are done.

Posted by Petric 2006-09-14

KWifiSelector 0.6 released

This release features a full set of helps. All help buttons are now functional.

An endless loop triggered by the modification request of on entry in the network manager have been fixed.

Posted by Petric 2006-09-13

KWifiSelector 0.5

A management interface for all networks you have scanned have been added. You may delete, modify or add entries accompanied with additional data (like WEP keys).
A basic help system is also part of this release.

Posted by Petric 2006-09-10

System Tray support


the new release 0.4 adds a system tray icon to the kicker bar. It displays also the actual signal level.

It also tries to get root rights (via kdesu) if not started as such, which allows him to provide the full functionality.


Posted by Petric 2006-09-03

Version 0.3 - Localisation

Version 0.3 is available for download.

- Better handling of hidden ESSIDs
- German localisation

If someone wants to create a localisation for his language - take po/kwifiselector.pot, rename it to <lang>.po and modify the strings in there. The preferred tool to edit this file is kbabel.
Oh - send it to me to be integrated into the package.

Feedback welcome.

Posted by Petric 2006-09-01

New release - support autoconnect


release 0.2 is out.

Major enhancement is that it now supports autoconnection at startup and on rescan requests.

Posted by Petric 2006-08-30

Initial delivery

The first release of KWiFiSelector have been submitted.

It can be obtained in the download section.

Posted by Petric 2006-08-27