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v0.7.5 released

0.7.5 [2005-12-31]

  • draw signal in a different color set when not selected
  • bugfix: solved deadlock situation when starting a plugin
    while another plugin was still running
  • workaround for deadlock when trying to close the current
    file while a plugin is still running
  • bugfix: delete range only in selected tracks
  • thrown over board the idea of using gstreamer due to serious license
    issues, we will wait until KDEMM is out (KDE-4) instead.
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2005-12-31

v0.7.4 released

0.7.4 [2005-10-16]

  • recording via ALSA
  • support for the silently changed API of libFLAC++ v1.1.2
    (closes sourceforge bug #1243707 + debian bug #289953)
  • fixed support of MMX / SSE detection on X64_64 architecture
    (closes sourceforge bug #1244320 and debian bugs #288781 +
  • decided to support gstreamer as streaming engine
    in future versions (will make v0.8 if Kwave is aRts-free)
  • fixed some German translations
    (closes debian bug #313790 and bug #314000)
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2005-10-16

v0.7.3 released

0.7.3 [2005-05-26]

  • playback via ALSA
  • completely new playback settings dialog, with support for aRts,
    ALSA and OSS
  • playback plugin: play a test sound
  • record plugin: detect when device is alread open, now no longer
    blocks. Show an error message.
  • smoother signal display in overview mode (no gaps) and improved
    polyline mode
  • replaced some of Kwave's multithreading classes with classes
    from Qt
  • compiles under SuSE-9.3
  • ebuild file for Gentoo Linux
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2005-05-26

v0.7.2 released

0.7.2 [2004-12-31]

  • big rework of the internal streaming/storage subsystem,
    support for multiple stripes.
    Makes a big speedup when handling large files!
    Creating an empty 512MB file before: over 350 sec,
    now: about 25 sec (on my system)
  • optimized versions of memcpy() for ix86 (using MMX, MMXEXT,
    3DNOW, SSE, SSE2) and for PowerPC, copied from the xine project
  • some support for X86_64
  • bugfix: in memory setup plugin, set virtual memory limit only if
    the limit has been enabled (checkbox is clicked)
  • bugfix: clipping in Ogg import filter was incorrect
  • speedups: import of Ogg and MP3 files improved
  • removed code copied from the GSL library, link against the
    shared library instead
  • added target "package-messages" to the toplevel Makefile,
    for translators... read more
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2005-01-01

v0.7.1 released

0.7.1 [2004-07-10]

  • FLAC (Free Lossness Audio Codec) import/export plugin
  • speedups for loading / saving files
  • removed our own copy of libmad from the source tree, now it
    should be available in all common distributions
  • implemented pre-recording
  • implemented recording time limit
  • bugfix: minor bug in the recording state machine
  • bugfix: solved some layout issues in the about- and sonagram plugins
  • bugfix: cancel while saving to .ogg works now
  • update of the online documentation, many screenshots
  • improved Makefile dependencies of the plugins, now parallel builds
    also work and speed up the creation of plugins
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2004-07-26

v0.7.0 released

Here the changes:

0.7.0 [2003-12-01]

  • first version with recording functionality (still alpha)

  • removed workaround for uic invocation

  • bugfix: handling of persistent and unique
    plugins was wrong, which caused playback
    to work only in the first main window instance

  • added project files for kdevelop-3

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2003-12-04

v0.6.7 released

Here a summary of the changes:

  • new plugin: "pitch_shift"
  • new plugin: "lowpass"
  • new plugin: "notch_filter", contrinuted by Dave Flogeras
  • included a bugfixed version of the synth_pitch_shift aRts plugin
  • new feature: "pre-listen", first implementation in pitch_shift plugin
  • ported to work with Qt-3.1 without Qt-2 compatibility, also compiles with -DQT_NO_COMPAT -DQT_CLEAN_NAMESPACE
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2003-06-29

v0.6.6 released

Here a brief summary of the changes:

  • works with KDE-3.1
  • many improvements on the build system. Now compiles under Debian,
    Mandrake, RedHat, Gentoo and SuSE
  • starting up with last window size
  • Xt toolkit option for geometry works again, including workaround
    for bug in KDE3's geometry management.
    example: "kwave -geometry 800x600"
  • bugfix: select to left selected one sample less then needed
  • volume plugin: simple clipping
  • volume plugin: mode for "multiply with /divide through factor"
  • newsignal and selectrange plugin: got rid of KDoubleNumInput and
    it's weird display and entry behaviour
  • selectrange plugin: also select start position of selection
  • can use libmad and libaudiofile from the host system if usable
  • show the fileinfo plugin when saving under a different mime type... read more
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2003-03-01

v0.6.5 released

This is the first version that no longer supports KDE2. Here some of the most important new features:

  • import of MP3 files
  • import/export of Ogg/Vorbis files
  • plugin for volume control
  • now compiles with gcc-3.2
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2002-11-09

v0.6.4 packages for RedHat-7.3

I just added some packages for RedHat 7.3 on the download page.
thanks to Angles Puglisi for contributing

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2002-07-28

v0.6.4-3 bugfix release

this little bugfix release contains some corrections to the french translation and should also work around or fix some build problems.

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2002-07-11

v0.6.4-1 is available

due to some strange compile problems and some errors in the french translation I decided to replace the v0.6.4 binaries with new fixed ones.

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2002-07-01

v0.6.4 is out

This will be the last version for KDE2 and KDE3.
Following releases will only support KDE3 !

the major changes:

  • support for different file formats / integrated libaudiofile

  • auto-repair for structurally damaged wav files

  • some changes to the gui

  • added "select range" plugin

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2002-06-30

v0.6.3 for RedHat 7.2

thanks to Angles Puglisi <> for packaging the rpms!

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2002-04-25

v0.6.3 debian package

contributed by
Aurelien Jarno <>

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2002-03-29

v0.6.3 released

the new features are:
simple drag and drop,
french translation,
handling of "signal modified",
shows error message and aborts if loading failed

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2002-03-01

new developer mailing list

The Kwave developer mailing list has been moved to SourceForge. Please visit the following page for (un)subscribing:

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2002-02-07

v0.6.2 debian package

thanks to
Aurelien Jarno <>
for contributing

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2002-01-14

v0.6.2 binary rpm for Mandrake-8.1

thanks to Gilles CAULIER for contributing

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2002-01-05

v0.6.2 is out

now Kwave is (internally) able to make use of aRts plugins and so the development should go on a bit faster.

mary xmas !

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2001-12-24

moved files from FTP to the File Release Sytem

since SourceForge's support for FTP services is discontinued, I moved all files to the new file release system. This seems to be much faster and more reliable.

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2001-10-10

v0.6.1-1 is out

this version fixed a bug in the signal management that caused segmentation faults under some circumstances. Please upgrade if you still use v0.6.1-0 or earlier.

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2001-09-04

v0.6.0-alpha is out

This is the first version for Qt-2 and KDE-2. It's intended to be used only for testing. More complete and usable releases will follow soon...

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2001-07-30

will release v0.6.0-alpha in the next weeks

I am currently working on getting Kwave ready for distribution and add some features. The 0.6.0-alpha version is intended only for evaluation and should get out until the end of this month...

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2001-07-15

work on v0.6 is in progress

since january this year, the work for the next kwave version is in heavy progress. It will be nearly a rewrite, but the user interface should not change much.

So if you are a user and want to check out via CVS, please check out the version tagged with "Release-0_5_5".

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2001-02-10

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